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    So I reckon we should have a chat about what to do next. So we need a captain. Not blowing her trumpet but Shodorah is probably the logical choice???

    So the business with Shodorahs dad, personally I don’t think she would be too worried. Her Dad has spent all of Shodorahs life in the military and especially when she was younger he would often disappear for months on end. Reappear with maybe a new scar or two but would never disclose where he’d been or what had happened. I think unless she got an explicit message saying he was in danger then she would probably think he’s off on another black ops mission. She would be far more worried about finding out where the coordinates lead to and stopping the devourer cult from getting their hands on this superweapon.  What do you guys think?

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    If you think that’s what she would do, then I think we have 2 options – stay on Castroval(?) if they have what we need to upgrade the ship and get supplies before heading after them; or we’ll have to go back to Absolon before heading after them.

    Obviously it would make sense to stay on Castroval before we go anywhere as we all need to stock up and prepare.

    If we can’t, then we’ll have to go back to Absolon and see if we ‘bump’ into anyone lol

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