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    If you’ve not read the epilogue to the last session, please read it here

    The wedding of Strahd and Ireena will take place in 6 days time. You’ve been asked to prepare speeches and bring gifts. What do you spend that 6 days doing and where do you spend it?

    "The secret we should never let the gamemasters know is that they don't need any rules."
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    ill be their gift. Something new, something borrowed and something blue all rolled into one. We have 6 days, have no reason to not head toward ravenloft. If we can get there and stay there with a few days to spare it might give us a chance to scope the place and look for the amulet and sunsword in mad dogs crypt.



    Well in regards to proximity. The village of Barovia is the closest and that’s about half a days travel from Vallaki. Ismark could probably put you up in his family home since he’s now the Burgomaster down there… and has also been invited.

    "The secret we should never let the gamemasters know is that they don't need any rules."


    I wasn’t sure if the caring strahd would put us up in his hotel. We are his special guests, saying a speech and everything.

    When it comes to the speech if jack can keep everyone engrossed and laughing long enough it might give the smaller, stealthier ones time to sneak off unnoticed and search around.



    I guess a few questions you should all be thinking about and discussing are:

    • Will you object to the wedding?
    • How will you stop Strahd turning Ireena?
    • What will you do when it all goes to hell?
    "The secret we should never let the gamemasters know is that they don't need any rules."


    So, before Vert steps into the light he will rest and receive the Remove Curse spell, and then offer to remove the curse from Zoot.  (Last we spoke he was still unsure whether he would accept this, so it is upto him to decide before the next session)

    I assume from the way the chapter rolled out Vert was unable to speak to Vladimir, and question him about his vision of his head on a plinth?

    So, to our plans, objecting to the wedding, well it depends, will the wedding vowels have to bit where you get the chance to say no? You know, “does antone have reason to object to this marriage?” If this is the case i think it may be a god time to lead off the fight, but it also depends on the setting for the wedding.

    Is it in a chapel, with everyone sitting or is a more casual affair in the main hall with everyone standing around?

    Also, are we able to grab our weapons (i assume we are going with weapons in the presents? or do you think Strahd will allow us to enter his castle armed?)

    Now I have had a chat with Grom, and we both have spells which we believe will damage Strahd, but being mine is a concentration (think his is to) will the party still want me to cast Haste on them to start, given if i do I will have to hold that for six rounds, and not use my biggy?

    What are our attack options, and do you want to discuss them here in front of the DM?  🙂

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