Dead Suns – Episode 7

Dead Suns – Episode 7

Feb 13 Craig  
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Date(s) - 13/02/2019
19:00 - 23:30



After reaching the end of the treacherous Ukulam jungle all was not over for our group of intrepid heroes as one last task faced them – the Temple of the Twelve. Nestled high above the canopy stood the ancient structure and within were the Devourer Cultists the group had been tracking for the last two weeks.

As the group would come to find the entire temple was rigged with explosives and the detonator was in the hands of mad-man. Dispatching of his cohorts was quick work and the group even picked up an ally on the way but the Tahomen himself was another matter. Finally, our heroes took down the leader of this cell and rescued Professor Solstarni before using the newly discovered Aidaura gate to head back to the city of Qabarat.

The group were welcomed with open arms and treated to the famed Qabarat hospitality, even given a surprise party and as peaceful as this was it was inevitably short lived. A steward from Absalom Station had arrived to tell Shodorah that her father never made it to Absalom and was considered a missing person. All leads point toward a dark skinned man with long grey dread locks and matching beard, someone the authorities only know as The Jangly Man.

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