Power Struggle

Power Struggle

Apr 26 Craig  

After doing battle with a wayward Werewolf alongside the wolf hunters Szoldar and Yevgeni the group discovered that the beast was Bluto, one of Willemina’s missing sons. Unsure what this meant for her other offspring they decided to venture back to the Town of Vallaki to find themselves greeted by a friendly guard named Toddy who forewarned them about the dangers of entering the town whilst Izek was on the lookout for them. Instead, the group took the advice of Szoldar who mentioned a rumour regarding a hidden entrance to the town which unfortunately lead straight through the Wachter family home – The aptly named Wachterhaus.

Fiona Wachter greeted the party with a feast of fine food and wines and bargained with them. If they were able to destroy Izek, Vargas would be a sitting duck and she’d be able to assume the role of Burgomaster for herself, ridding the town of who she described as a tyrant. The group agreed if only to keep on the good side of the suspiciously polite Strahd loyalist.

Seeking out Vargas, the Burgomaster the group agreed to be the guests of honour for the upcoming festival. With the town abuzz about the newcomers Vargas could think of no better way to lift the spirits of the people than celebrating with the new celebrities. After overruling Izek and making him swear an oath of non-violence against the group, the deformed man stormed off to get drunk whilst Vargas filled the group in an interesting part of Izek’s past – He was briefly taken in by the Wachter family as a teenager. A fact that Fiona Wachter had mysteriously left out of her story. The group left the Burgomasters mansion after a bizarre encounter with Vargas’ son, Victor. An experimental and potentially dangerous apprentice mage.

Out in the main square a ruckus had formed as a group of locals gathered around to watch a shouting match between the otherwise calm Father Lucien and one of the older orphan boys, Milivoj. Father Lucien openly accused Milivoj of stealing the bones of St. Andral and asked him to confess, failing to deliver the words the father wanted to hear he lost his trademark cool and swung for Milivoj with Milivoj’s own shovel, knocking the boy to the cobbles.

Embroiled now in a power struggle between the Wachter family and the Burgomaster, the party find themselves having to make a decision that’ll affect everyone in Vallaki. On top of that, Ireena’s safety at St. Andrals has now been put at risk, if the bones of the dead saint contain the power that Father Lucien claims they do then she is at risk from Strahd at any given moment. There is also the matter of the lack of wine flowing from the winery, the missing Vistani child, mentions of a strange and power temple, a ruined town and a mysterious mansion housing an order of dragon-worshipping knights.

And why has Blinsky been making all of these life-like Ireena dolls for Izek?!

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